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Stay on top of the game and adopt faster and more efficient ways to measure and develop well-being at work! Traditional employee surveys are slow and tedious, require an entire HR department to decipher the results, and only tell you what the situation was on that one day. This is not the case with GoodWorkBuzz. We have developed an alternative to traditional employee surveys, one that is efficient, effective, and fun!

GoodWorkBuzz is more than just an online measuring tool because numbers alone will not help you develop your organization. Our platform automatically categorizes the feedback given and sorts it into an easy-to- use overview of the best results and a to-do- list of the areas most in need of improvement. The data is displayed in a professional format, ready to use and perfect for supporting your development goals. Measurable data, provided through our easy and fun platform, will make decision-making easier and boost your results without being a chore to the employees or an unnecessary expense to the organization.

In addition, despite a professional tool for improving work engagement and well-being at work, GoodWorkBuzz is fun to use! The game elements of the app will boost reply rates, lead to more verbal feedback and create a positive competitive spiral in the workplace. Individuals and teams can compete against each other in who contributes the most, rewards can be given for active participation in campaigns, or whatever you choose. The Good Buzz! function is an easy way to highlight and amplify all the positive buzz!

When you use GoodWorkBuzz, boosting engagement and well-being at work will become a natural part of the daily lives of your employees. The result is a happier workforce, better quality and efficiency of work, reduced absences and an improved employer reputation.


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Our service is suitable for organizations of all sizes, so ask for an estimate today!
  • We offer a service that is ready for use when you get it:
  • An unlimited number of admins - for example, all managers
  • Pre-programmed teams, according to your wishes
  • Users added in service
  • Possibility to export reports
  • Possibility to design quick surveys on daily topics
  • Any necessary instruction for usage
  • The service is web-based, so it is easy and simple to use and no changes to company systems are necessary